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Welcome to Phyliss Francis' exciting Awakening Lives Mastermind Program. For the past 22 years, Phyliss has been training and coaching individuals and groups to live their best life by streamlining and growing their business, creating work/life balance, transforming their mindset and embracing their power as a leader and influencer.


Phyliss has adapted the innovative Awakening Lives Mastermind Program to be highly informative, educational and available with various online programs as well, featuring monthly Zoom Calls, online Mastermind Meetings, and numerous online Masterclasses Phyliss shows you exactly how to simplify, monetize, and create systems and processes to streamline your business so that you can start living a life you enjoy NOW!


Phyliss has made the Awakening Lives Mastermind Program very accessible for those that cannot travel all the time and want to maintain connection in a powerful, entrepreneurial and positive minded community. You will have access to her and her exclusive content year-round and stay plugged into a high vibe community that's ready to thrive.


Please feel free to read on, to see everything you get for one, VERY affordable investment.

Trust me, I know and understand this is a unique time in our lives, and that is why I'm pivoting right now and have changed the way I do almost EVERYTHING in my business.



This will be a major benefit when you decide to join my Awakening Lives Mastermind.



I just re-energized my Awakening Lives brand, and added TONS of new CONTENT and BONUSES. The timing of this sensational opportunity couldn't have happened at a better time and and affordable price! The time is Now. If not now, then when!


This is time to take advantage of, what I consider, a unique opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field or profession, generate leads, and set yourself up for a more successful business and life - whatever that means to you.


You need to take advantage of this, and I will share EXACTLY how YOU can do it.


And I'm now be able to share must-have information, resources and tools without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.


Let's get ready to vibe & thrive!



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  • Monthly 30-Minute Private Coaching Session

    Receive a private, monthly 30-minute coaching session that meets you where you are at and supports you with making personalized quantum leaps in your business. This monthly call is geared towards creating transformative breakthroughs so that you can get exactly what you need to move to the next level, personally and professionally.

  • Two 1-Day Virtual Retreats

    Twice a year, we jump on Zoom for a complete one-day Awakening Lives Virtual Retreat that assists you with business visioning, practical training, role playing and experiential exercises for skilling up and transforming your business and life. Come for fresh Content, Current Industry Topics, Support, Q&A Sessions, and more. ***DATES TBD

  • Monthly Online Masterclasses

    These comprehensive, application focused Masterclasses will take place on Zoom and help you uplevel your business acumen, expand your vision, strategize finances, clarify marketing and learn savvy sales. Topics include: Online Events, Marketing Mastery, Sales & Lead Generation, Time Management & Organization, Personal Self-Mastery, Productizing & Pricing, and more. These Masterclasses are ongoing, and new trainings will be presented throughout the year. If you cannot attend them LIVE, they will be recorded so you can listen at your convenience. **SEE BELOW FOR TOPICS & DATES!

  • Group Networking Calls

    Get access to our Group Networking Calls, where we'll be exploring and brainstorming areas including: JV Partnerships & Collaborations, Marketing, Products & Offers, Motivation, Wealth, Health & Wellness, and more.

  • Quick Alignment Calls

    Contact Phyliss on her phone and ask a quick question about anything - Strategy, Marketing, Life Coaching, Motivation, Spirituality, etc., and she will either support you, or refer you to an expert in that particular field.

  • Unlimited Edits & Critiques Through Email Access

    Email Phyliss your website or email copy, product offerings, logo and branding questions (or anything else that you have) for her to look at and she will send you back tweaks or suggestions on how to make it more effective. She will also answer any quick questions about whatever you need to move forward so that you can create success.

  • Bring a +1 to ALL Awakening Lives Events

    Feel free to bring your spouse, partner or employee to any of the Awakening Lives events (virtual or in-person).

  • Access to Tons of Resources, Templates, and Information

    Support is at your fingertips with tons of resources that can support you with creating shifts in your business. Get access to templates, scripts, and worksheets to catapult your business to the next level. Phyliss is constantly on the cutting edge of new information that gives you the advantage your business needs to succeed. Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel and searching for information you think is necessary to effectively run your business. Leverage your time, education and information by getting it here.

  • Online Support Forum

    One Year Admission into our Exclusive Online, private, confidential community Facebook group that will support you 24/7. By joining the Group you'll get assistance from other members and myself and my team, share ideas, resources, training tools or celebrate WINs, receive acknowledgement and brainstorm with fellow participants.

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During the Awakening Lives Masterclasses, I teach specific topics in the interactive, video conferencing platform, Zoom. You may attend LIVE from the comfort of your own home to participate and ask questions. If you cannot make it, a recording will be made available so that you may watch it at your earliest convenience.



The Following Masterclasses Are Recorded and Ready for you to Instantly Download

  • Maximizing Online Business With Creative Content
  • Generating Leads Through Facebook & Instagram LIVES
  • Online Marketing & Social Media Strategy
  • Selling in a COVID Environment
  • Strategic Virtual Networking for Sales Calls
  • Time Management & Organization Hacks
  • 30+ Marketing Tricks to Advance Your Reach

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - AL Masterclass - Succeed by Knowing Your Numbers

11:00am - 12:30pm PST

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - AL Masterclass - The Anatomy of an Effective Lead Generator

1:00pm - 2:30pm PST

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - AL Masterclass - Self Mastery through Daily Planning & Scheduling

1:00pm - 2:30pm PST

Future Masterclass Topics Include...

  • Compelling Copywriting Made Easy
  • Awakening Your Perfect Brand
  • The Anatomy of a Webinar
  • Strategic Sales Calls + Follow-up System
  • Effective Email Marketing & Nurturing Sequences
  • The A, B, Cs of Online Summits & Giveaways
  • Savvy Sales & Enrollment System
  • Effective Affiliate Programs & Referrals
  • Work/Life Balance Mastery
  • Self Mastery through Daily Planning & Scheduling
  • The Perfect Year Plan: Creating Annual Intentional Goals
  • Charging What You're Worth
  • Filming & Marketing Influential Videos
  • Succeed by Knowing Your Numbers

Awakening Lives Mastermind Program Participation Agreement

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INVEST in Yourself TODAY!

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Pay in Full to Save $800


$1,500 down

$300/month x 11months

What Real Clients Are Saying...

Julie Pitois

Founder/CEO/Owner, PRO-TO-COL Sport Systems, San Diego, CA

I can honestly say that Phyliss has dramatically changed my life!

“Through coaching, I was able to make life work for me and go from working for others, to owning my own company. Coaching with Phyliss has allowed me to not only visualize my successes, but, I now have the tools and the environment to take them with me on the path to realizing my dreams."



King J. Whetstone

Director, USDA, New York

Phyliss helped me become a top performer, and as a result, I was offered a high ranking position!

“Phyliss helped guide me to success by providing me with a winning plan to streamline strategy and operations during a time when the agency was going through a reduction in force.


In addition, she provided me with additional insight and guidance to accelerate my performance, while allowing me to conduct my own research, gather my own conclusions, and ultimately set my own path."

Dr. Nina Withrington

PT, DPT, Clinical Project Manager/Clinical Researcher, Santa Monica, CA

In working with Phyliss, I have truly become more accountable to my own word and have moved forward with finally starting my own business.

“I have stopped talking about it and am now doing it! Through my weekly coaching calls, I have begun to experience a deeper sense of balance in my life. Finally taking action on all those things I always said I wanted to do is so liberating."



Marlecia Autrey

Working with Phyliss has given me clarity in my work relationships and made me a more effective and efficient manager.

“My coach listens without judgment and serves as a sounding board and a guide to help me keep my professional life the way I want it - which is peaceful and balanced, as opposed to hectic and stressed."

INVEST in Yourself TODAY!

Pay In Full


Pay in Full to Save $800


$1,500 down

$300/month x 11months


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